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What is Psychotherapy & Counselling?

Psychotherapy and counselling are confidential ways to seek help in exploring and understanding thoughts, behaviours or circumstances that are troubling you. By working with a qualified therapist in a safe, supportive and private environment, you can take the space to examine the issues that may be affecting your life negatively. By encouraging your potential for growth psychotherapy can help alleviate symptoms, nourish confidence, assertiveness and self-esteem and ultimately lead you to achieving the clarity needed to bring about lasting and meaningful change in your life.

Who can benefit from Psychotherapy?

In short, psychotherapy or counselling can be of benefit to anyone facing life difficulties, difficulties of unknown origin, or symptoms that have disrupted their life or even made it unbearable. Counselling is for anybody and is an asset to self development and building self-esteem. It can be of great support in times of crisis or change and can be either short-term or long-term depending on the individual's needs.

How is it structured?

I usually meet with clients on a weekly basis at an agreed time and day and in as much as possible this time will be consistent for the duration of the therapy. Sessions last 60mins. Initially we would meet for a number of exploratory sessions (usually 6) during which a decision is mutually agreed as to whether further counselling or psychotherapy is appropriate. When working with Adolescents and their families I initially meet with the adolescent and their parents together, to assess the issues presenting, with a view to structuring ongoing support as needed.

All enquiries are treated as confidential.